We use A grade virgin resin as standard. If B grade or recycle resins are used, there will be possibility that the strength of the bag will weaken, thickness and size will become uneven, and it will eventually lead to manufacturing a lot of inferior products. So unless there are any special request from the customer to use B grade or recycle resins, we will always use first grade virgin resins.


j Before the resins are used on the Extruder machine, we inspect the resin material so no any bad resins are used for production of the bags.
j After making the bags, we randomly pick up bags per roll basis, and inspect that the strength of the bag, thickness and size of the bags are within the range of international quality standard. At this process, we will also give strong stress to the bag in upward, downward, right and in left direction, using a stress durability testing equipment.
j For bags like T-Shirt bags which has a carrying handle, we stuff heavy weights inside the bag and by a handle testing equipment, we test that the carrying handle has enough durability for daily use.
j For bags which has color printings, we randomly pick up bags after production and check that the printing condition meets customer's requirement.
j We will inspect that the cutting edge and the bottom finishing of the bags are made properly.


Goods which has passed the above test will only be shipped.


The goods are shipped out after going through a very strict inspection, but in case if any faulty quality bags are handed to you, we will take full responsibility to replace it with a new product.